Forest School

Some of you may be familiar with the “Forest School” concept which has its roots in Scandinavia. It is a philosophy which promotes a way of working with children and indeed people, in an outdoor natural space, for an extended period of time. It is learner centred and all those taking part should experience cumulative and lasting benefits. In our Forest School sessions our children whilst having fun, learn in an environment which helps them to build up a relationship with the natural world.

Undoubtedly since our childhood, society has changed: for many reasons access to and the use of outdoor space has reduced. However, the needs of young children have not and being outside is essential to their health, development and well-being.

Some sessions include a planned activity such as a mini-beast hunt or group hide and seek, but it is also important to support the children in spontaneous activities that they initiate themselves. We hope that by exploring a familiar space, the children will see how the environment changes according to the weather and seasons: feeling the wind on your face or listening to dry leaves crunch underfoot just can’t be replicated inside!

Our Forest School is run by Nicola, a qualified Forest School leader and Ann and Carole who are very familiar with the surrounding area and are keen woodland explorers!